Carpet coverings in a tile

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Tile carpets are the widest range among NOVU's assortment due to the variety of applications - they are suitable for offices and houses as well as for hotels, guest houses, salons or other public facilities.

The section of tile carpets is divided into loop pile carpets, velour pile carpets and cut pile carpets. Each of these types can be found in our offer, which allows us to accurately adjust the parameters of a carpet tile to its destination and customer's preferences. Our priority is to select a material that meets both practical and visual requirements. This is the reason why we so often draw attention to a number of advantageous solutions that come with the choice of a carpet tile. Originally designed for raised floors, carpet tile has gained a wider following over the years due to its unlimited design possibilities, easy installation and removal, trouble-free transportation and storage, as well as attractive pricing and design. Based on our experience, we can guarantee that this type of flooring is suitable for the majority of private and public spaces and the possibility of selecting performance parameters from several factories allows us to technically select the best possible product for the Customer. Our mission and task is to help you make the best possible choice of material according to the specifics of your facility.